Weymouth and Portland

So got up at a sensible time and took the dog over to Almondsbury. Came back and grabbed those couple of travel bugs I picked up last week. Then I went and picked up mother, inserted her in the car and off we set to Weymouth. Took the fairly direct cross country route and got there in a couple of hours. Parked no problem considering the hot weather. We stopped first in a pub and had lunch then walked round a bit. Certainly it’s been a couple of years since we’ve been out but mothers walking ability has rapidly deteriorated, we can’t have really walked for more than an hour. Anyway, we had an ice cream and then went in the arcade and played on the 2p machines. I’ve ended up with a few bits which I can use for travel bugs so I’ve ordered a couple of them.

We then set off to Portland, trying to find some Geocaches, a sod to park anywhere then we ended up in the wrong place several times. In the end I parked up at the top of a hill and just used the phone to find a couple of nearby caches. Found one in a gate and another at an old BMX track. Managed to drop off a couple of trackables in that one. Almost got muggled putting it back.

We then drove back following the sat-nav which decided to take us to a road that was closed, then a 50 mile diversion followed including a trip up a mud track which required some fun reversing. Anyway we got back in the end. Had a shower, something to eat and some telly.

I also ordered the new (or last version anyway) flight sim for the PC, this includes the R22 helicopter, I’ve also ordered some controls. So it will be interesting to see how it handles.

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