There and back again, but not as exciting as Bilbo

So got up after sex. Actually it was quite good, Jamie laid on his front so I didn’t get to see the extremities. Had breakfast and a coffee, cleaned up the dog poo. Got rid of a couple of mouldy lettuces. Then had lunch.

In the afternoon I decided that as the temperature had dropped a lot since yesterday I’d go biking. So I pumped up the tyres on the mountain bike and donned lycra. I cycled to the outskirts of Bath and then cycled back again. I stopped for an ice cream on the way and a bottle of water on the way back. Very pleasant ride, haven’t done a decent one since about this time last year. Then came back and red the Robinson R22 owners manual, made the back mistake of reading all the back pages on ‘safety tips’, I’ll probably bang on about this a bit more later in the week, but it’s surprising there are any Robinson R22 owners who aren’t dead that would require an owners manual.

Time for a bath.

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