Well I gave Jamie something useful…my cold

I started the day fine. Jamie sounded like an old woman. Pretty much how he sounds every morning. It’s actually very difficult with him to know when he actually has a cold, as he permanently goes around coughing and sneezing. I think that’s the first one I’ve ever managed to give him, usually he gives me the aftermath of some minor sneeze and it annoys me for a few days. This one’s coming up to two weeks now and I’m still get coughing fits. Anyway, I think it’s finally on it’s way out.

So today, still on physics, and likely to be there for quite some time. Managed to sort out a couple of problems that were annoying me. Still got one big one to fix and then I can move on to the next physics related task.

I must by a new mouse. The scroll wheel is buggered on mine. Actually it’s been like that for about two years, but now it’s finally really beginning to piss me off, so definitely time to go.

Went and did Pump. That was fine, was thinking about energy transfers, exciting stuff.

Managed to squeeze in some more Japanese earlier as I’m owed quite a few hours. On to Unit 4 now, so making good progress, but really need to work at it solidly. So another weekend of DIY planned, so bath and wine time. Let’s get the weekend started.

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