I apparently paid for someone’s boob job

Got up a bit later than normal, but I’m owed lots of hours. Once again, still on physics tasks. This time trying to debug a friction model. It’s more complex than you would expect, also quite annoying. Spent basically hours at it. Got it slightly better but there are still some problems. Also tried to figure out a velocity problem, that also got nowhere.

Jamie had the day off, spent the bulk of it in bed as he now has my man flu. When he eventually arose, which was early evening he came in and announced he had a weird dream. He apparently met a very large African gentleman who said he had the rights to half my money and he could prove this. Not only that, but I apparently paid for a boob job for someone. At least I guess he wasn’t having sex with Keith Lemon and the Spice Girls.

Worked till very late. Then did Japanese, all going well with that. Still no running, last of the man flu. Will go to pump tomorrow and then plan and going back to normal next week.

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