Well after weeks I finally checked some code in

So today was hot, still. Mr Tesco’s arrived just before 10, didn’t even get a text this time. Yet another driver, this one was ugly. Work wise was the last stage of renderer code cleaning and compiling. Managed to get it all going by late afternoon. So then ventured out for a walk to the doctors, needed to pop the repeat prescription for happy pills in. That ended up taking about an hour and a half round trip. It was very hot. Carried on with the resolving link errors then went off to Body Pump. That was very hot.

Got back and worked on link errors. Finally got them all sorted and the code checked in, that’s quite a big milestone to get passed. Now just have loads of stub type functions to implement. That’ll keep me busy over the coming weeks.

Now really must book that dentist appointment…..or flying lesson….it’s a toss up.

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