No you can’t can’t have my bloody t-shirt

Started this morning with two cups of coffee to boot the system. Doing about two hours of walking, Body Pump and nine hours of work yesterday was not a good combination. I didn’t even hear Jamie leave for work this morning. I thought the dog probably needed to go out but the patio door was already open, good job as I doubt I would have heard her any way. Got her her breakfast and I had mine. Read the paper. Then we ventured out on are ‘usual’ Saturday walk over to the field in Almondsbury, where she can have a good run off lead.

Came back and had lunch. Then ventured out to find more Gromits. On the way into a town I got stopped by some random guy and asked where I got my t-shirt from, I said it was from a shop in Yokohama. He then got quite pissed off with his girlfriend and ranted that he needed to go to Japan. Incidentally I was wearing my purple ‘Team Rocket’ shirt.

Found ten more Gromits, I think I’m around fifty-eight mark now. Visited mother, where she listed her usual amount of things that needed doing. I fitted her tumble dryer in. I got a fruit cake, fair exchange. Watered Sarah’s plants. Then ventured into Tesco to get a couple of bits for tomorrows family BBQ. Yes, It’s been at least a fortnight since the last one.

Right, bath time, then I’m cooking something with ham, not too keen on that idea.

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