Today I looked at wings, Paul McCartney never got a look in

An unfun sleepless night. Caused by my brain still working when my body wasn’t interested. It’s surprising what goes through my mind when I’m trying to sleep, usually about twenty work related threads. It does mean I get quite a lot of work done, well the theory of it at least, but it also means I’m fairly knackered in the morning. Took the dog to daycare at 6:15.

So today was mostly about springs and air again. First was setting up an anti-roll bar, that was fairly straight forward. Then it was on to aerodynamic wings, which turned out to be more straightforward than I thought it would be. Basically for a simple wing you just have the area the angle and a couple of coefficients, one for drag and one for down force. You then just multiply that by the square of the air velocity and the air’s mass and you’re done. Well you’re done in so far as you have a force, you then apply it at the wing attachment point. Doing something not really physics related tomorrow, which will make a change.

The cleaners came, they were hear for about an hour an ten minutes, I’m sure I pay for more than that. They didn’t do a very good job. I’ve sent an email, they will get their marching orders as I haven’t had a reply. I’ll give him to the weekend.

Picked up dog.

Did some more Japanese, almost at the end of unit five now. Diluted the new wine kit, just waiting for it to come up to temperature now which will be tomorrow probably, then I’ll get it going.

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