May be if I don’t pay for your piss poor cleaning job you’ll get the message

Well at least I slept last night, may have been partially wine induced. I felt somewhat itchy, which means either the dog has fleas or my balls need shaving again.

This mornings work started with one of the chaps commenting on my wing implementation, saying it could be replaced with a normal surface. Which in theory is probably correct, I can see how it would work. If you have an angled plane and then blast air at it, it would produce some sort of down force and some sort of drag. The problem is it isn’t any where near correct. Now, there was a fault in my equation and also an issue with it not working backwards. So, here goes the explanation. Let’s start with energy equals half mass multiplied by velocity squared. Note the velocity squared here, that’s important. So what’s mass? Well that will be the area of the object multiplied by a length multiplied by a density. So we end up with energy equals half area multiplied by length multiplied by density. If we assume length is actually a distance then that energy equation can then be rearranged (energy equals force times distance) to force equals half area multiplied by density multiplied by velocity squared. So area is straight forward, you then also multiply by the attack angle in radians and a coefficient as you don’t want all the possible down force applied. The drag equation is the same except you use a drag coefficient. Also remember the squared thing? Well a negative multiplied by a negative will give a positive, so you have to reverse the sign of the velocity squared if you go backwards so you still get a drag, but you will get an up force rather than a down force. So in the end, I was right.

Now the cleaners. Okay they came yesterday, stayed for just over an hour. Missed out half the house and did a fairly piss poor job. They also broke part of the dish washer by jamming a giant baking tray in it and chucked all the rubbish bags into the wrong bin. So I sent him an email yesterday to which I haven’t had a reply. So may be if I don’t pay them any money they may get the message, or they can just fuck off.

I ordered a drill bit from Amazon, three quid. It arrived by courier in a box big enough to hide half a dozen Albanians. Must do wonders for the packaging industry.

At work in October I ordered a new fibre line. Now this isn’t ADSL or any of your Virgin Media crap, this is many thousands of pounds worth of direct fibre connection to a huge back bone. Now we already have one fibre in the office, this works fine. This new one is supplied by the same company, well actually it’s the same managing company the line itself is being provided by another company. So OpenReach come in and actually do their job properly. They install the fibre and a device known as an NTE, which is basically a termination unit. Weeks later a Cisco router turns up at the office. It’s the size of a small car. I get it sent back and replaced with a 1U version. This I get installed into the network cabinet. Problem, the NTE terminates in a twin fibre connection. The router doesn’t have any fibre inputs. After many emails they say just connect the NTE network port to port one of the router. We do this. Nothing happens. Many more emails later. They finally send an engineer and a large box of bits. Engineer arrives and goes away again, he decides he needs more bits. More bits arrive. Engineer returns and inserts bits. Router now apparently works. I get an email saying that I need to connect my network to port one of the Cisco which is a 100Mbps port. Now, we are paying for a 200Mbps connection. I’d be impressed to see how I can get 200Mbps from a 100Mbps port. I’ve tried to communicate this to them, I’m thinking of putting them in touch with my (soon to be ex.) cleaners.

It’s torture porn night. May be some Twilight. Then see who can piss me off tomorrow.

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