Today I learnt the rest of Java

So started as I left yesterday, but as I didn’t sleep well last night I set myself a bit of a challenge to do with callbacks. Had an idea about how to solve them using interfaces and thankfully worked it out with no Googling. Then it was very much the case of working through the rest of the tutorial. So covered threads and syncronisation, streams and a few security type things.

It’s Jamie’s turn to walk the dog so I went cross country running. New compression tights arrived today, so wore them for the run and kept them on until this evening. Must admit I’ve had no muscle ache at all so they do a good job. Jamie still hasn’t walked the dog.

After I finished the tutorial I decided to try and convert the server side of the client / server app I was working on last week into Java. Certainly a learning experience, no problems so far and has been very interesting.

Last night there was a brewing ‘incident’. The airlock on the big brew barrel decided not to work and it blew the lid clean off with a hell of an explosion. The good news is none of the actual brew escaped. Managed to fix the lid and replace the airlock, dropped the temperature a bit and now it’s all bubbling nicely. Unlike the strawberry wine which seems to be fizzing a bit, but nothing in the way of major carbon dioxide. It’s meant to be ready in three weeks, it’s done about two, I reckon it’s going to need about six before the gravity drops. Still the big barrel should be done by about Tuesday.

So more of the same tomorrow, which I’m quite looking forward to. I think I need to get an iPod/iPad dock as trance from the iMac speakers is just shit.

It’s torture porn night, but tonight’s film isn’t the usual horror, I think it’s a bit of a thriller.

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