And today I learnt Java

Early start today, dog off to play group. She was so excited so didn’t even eat her breakfast. I was beautifully presented with a pile of piss on the kitchen floor though, I think it was the dog, I have no recollection of doing it.

Then it was back to Java, well rather C++ interfacing to Java both ways. Java calling a Windows DLL caused me a few issues but got there in the end. C++ calling Java on the other hand worked first time. I have a good understanding of it now, not sure if it will ever be used, but you never know when your suddenly going to be presented with a C only lib that you need to call from a Java server app. If I am, at least I know how to do it now.

Rang the cleaners, they were coming in about an hour, so went went out for a run of ‘about an hour’. Got back just before they arrived. I must say my Dyson is more effective than their Henry. I think the fine art of ‘rubbing your trainer over the carpet to lift the dog hair’ leaves something to be desired. Anyway, cleaning done, house now tidy.

So then spent the rest of the day into the evening learning Java. From classes, instantiation and initialision, all the way through system resources and exception handling. Must admit, like what I’ve seen so far, all makes sense. Still got a lot to cover, but I imagine I’ll have it all nailed by tomorrow. Learning a new language in a day, no problem, but then again I’ve been doing it for 27 years so I’ve kind of got the hang of it by now.

Picked up dog. She’s picked up a war wound off a bush. She’ll live. House now dirty again.

I’ve done my exercise for the day, so think I may just have a sit down now.

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