The “Iron Lady” is dead, rust in peace

Started this morning working on a couple of odds and ends. Ended up getting the current project up and running on iOS. Except there’s a few issues it seems to be rendering in black. Still apart from that it worked fine, so added the control system and a few other frills. It’s almost done now except for the anti-roll bar which I’m still not happy with, need to work through the numbers on that.

Walked the dog. Went to combat.

Mid morning I heard the news that Baroness Thatcher had passed away. She died of a stroke at the age of 87. Now, I’m very much a child of the 80’s. I remember the Falklands war being broadcast every evening on “John Craven’s news round”. I remember her very strong leadership, her speeches and her love of Ronald Reagan. I remember the tax cuts, the prosperity and the relentless attack on trade unions. I also remember the hunger strikes, the Brighton bombing and the poll tax. And let’s not forget Section 28.

Did I admire her? Yes. Did I agree with her? Sometimes. She was a remarkable woman. All politicians are admired and loathed by everybody, usually at the same time, she was no different. Where she stood out for me though was the way she just took no shit. I always admired her straight talking. In one memorable interview she said, “I don’t mind how long my ministers spend talking, as long as they do what I tell them”. It was very much that attitude which got things done, when the country was in dire straights, she was the catalyst that gave it a firm kick up the ass. She modernised British politics, she mondernised British attitudes and to some degree she modernised British people.

She outstayed her welcome. Eventually all the power began to go to her head. She thought she was invincible. She wasn’t. The time came when she had one too many mad ideas and she was given the heave-ho. John Major took the lead, but as I always said, “She was twice the man he will ever be.”

Denis was always in the background. A genius businessman in his own right. He cleverly knew actually where he stood, and more importantly where he should stand. He certainly was no interference, but she could not have done it without him.

Maggie, you were an inspiration. And ironically you died on my birthday.

Rest in peace.

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