“On it’s own, number 367”

So started up by getting up too late which kind of buggered the day up some what. Took the dog on a nice walk, including visiting the vet, she’s continuing to lose weight, unlike the rest of us. Saying that being ill for a month didn’t really help, only last Thursday was the first time I’ve been properly running again.

So I had a number of things to do during the afternoon including a cat home re-check thing. Plus I needed to visit Toolstation. Getting there was fine, but getting back I got stuck in loads of football traffic.

Got back, did the accounts. Then it was a quick shower before being picked up by mother. It was our annual bingo trip. This evenings caller was a very laid back Jamaican chap who seemed in no particular hurry which was quite useful as we were hardly on the ball anyway. We failed to win anything. The lager had more water in it than the Thames. Afterwards we went to the Indian, which was pretty empty. Had a nice meal, gave them a good tip and told them to spend it on a new carpet.

So today was going to be a busy one. Started off moving the network cabinet out and disconnecting the phone line and drilling a hole through the wall. Then it was outside and running two new phone cables (yes I could have done it in one, but BT won’t be thrilled about sharing a twisted pair with Virgin media). So for the BT on I used actual BT cable and the Virgin one I just ran using some UV protected dual twisted pair. Finished running all the cables, managed to finally get them through the walls and then had lunch. Mother arrived and delivered cards. She put quite a lot of effort into them, keeps her off QVC I suppose. Put the bird table together, impressed with that. It’s quite tall but very good quality. I then put the socket side of the cables together and put a new master socket on for the Virgin line and screwed it next to the BT one. I then finished off the connection ends. No problems, all works, I now have both phone lines terminated behind the network cabinet in the office. Ready for the PABX installation. Job for another day that one. Tidied up and then did the third job of the day which was to knock a whole in the wall to surface mount a network and TV wall plate. Thankfully that all went without any issues and is now ready for the face plate. So it’s back on the dinning room next time that all the cables are out of the way. Need to continue stripping the patio door, then I think it’s time to bury the alarm cables and neutralise the walls.

Anyway, worked hard today, time for a bath. Must attempt to drink less wine and eat less cheese next week. But that’s next week, time for a bath and wine now for sure.

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