Thank you VPN, you’ve officially driven me insane

Got up, PC powered down just as I sat down to it, it’s been running a virus scan all night. Started it up again, twiddled about. Then tried to log into the VPN. Timeout. Great. Uninstalled it, re-installed it. Timeout. Great. Tried VPN on the iMac, timeout. Started shouting at the pfSense firewall. Timeout. Twiddled with pfSense, timeout. Powered off main machine. iMac now connects no problem. Powered on main machine, timeout. Tried iMac, timeout. Powered off main machine, iMac can connect again. Got notebook out, installed Cisco VPN client, connected. Powered on main machine, tried notebook again, timeout. Okay, this was getting weird, something on main machine was causing the VPN to not connect. Powered on main machine, uninstalled and re-installed VPN client. Connected. Notebook, connected. iMac, connected. Open IE, now nothing connects. Restarted main machine, connect to VPN no problem. Opened mail, tried to reconnect, all dead. Hmmm….What’s changed since yesterday, well nothing….except. My old mail server SSL certificates have expired, I never got round to installing the new ones for courier. So finally installed an updated courier.pem file on the mail server, restarted imapd. Flushed the SSL cache, restarted PC. Opened mail, opened IE, connect VPN all fine. So somehow an outdated SSL certificate was causing some authentication error and completely buggered up tunneling on pfSense for all machines. Very very odd, drove me bloody nuts.

Walked the dog.

Ate a sandwich.

Then ended up working solid till gone nine to make up for this mornings problems. Still, got quite a lot done.

Torture porn night, although I think I’ll end up watching Luther.

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