Bugger, didn’t win my controller thing

Took dog to daycare at 6:30, went back to bed. Then awoken by the cleaners at 9:30, they said apparently the phones are down round here so they couldn’t phone. Which is a feeble excuse considering they only have my mobile number, couldn’t be assed is a better excuse.

Still working on renderer stuff, all fine, should have the bulk of it finished by the end of next week I reckon. I’ve been keeping an eye on a flight sim controller on ebay for a few days, it was originally over a grand. I thought it was probably worth about a ton, but it went for just over £650! The daft thing is, the joystick it’s based on I can pick up on ebay for about a tenner. So I think I’ll get one of those and have a bash at the hardware myself, will make for an interesting project.

Walked over towards the gym, where there was a puzzle geocache I’ve been working on, looks like I have the wrong coordinates though. Walked over to Sarah’s and watered her plants, walked home, just in time for it to then piss down.

Still no date for funeral yet.

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