So applying 8000N to your axle and then -8000N is not a good idea

Started slightly later than normal, but I had an hour and a half in hand from yesterday anyway. Still feeling rather full of snot, so still no running today and still coughing for England.

Working on physics again, got everything working near enough how I want, but seem to be getting integration issues. It comes down to the fact when one side has a positive slip I’m getting a massive force sent back to the other, this causes everything to reverse and then it all goes horribly wrong. I think it will require some kind of damping, a hell of a lot of it.

So didn’t end up finishing any earlier in the end. But did my Japanese as planned, all went okay. Had a look at my mini wireless access point to take to Japan, that works really well, impressed with that, it’s about the size of a matchbox. Read my mechanics book, I was right, please about that.

Sat down, ate salad. Looked at curtains. I think a blind will be too expensive and not really practical, so I think I’ll go with curtains, sort of ringlet style. Still a few hundred quid though. Anyway, need to finish the room off first.

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