I now have a simulator for the simulator

Back into debugging renderer pipelines, not the most exciting thing on the planet, but I find it good fun. Had great problems with producing mipmaps in cube maps. Got there in the end using a rather novel approach with six render targets.

Popped over to the sorting office and picked up a parcel.

Walked the dogs, although it was very short as Dillon kept pulling. Went for a run.

Unwrapped said parcel, it was my ‘Phoenix flight sim’. This comes with a USB interface. I installed it all and connected it to my Honey Bee CP3 controller. It actually configured fine which I didn’t expect. It doesn’t have the exact helicopter but it has some very similar models. Boy is it good. I was really surprised. The 3D copters are a real pain to fly, it’s going to be a great training aid. I spent about the first thirty minutes just snapping the rotors off. Finally I was getting the hang of it and getting it into a hover. Will have a play tomorrow. So now I have a simulator for the model, which is a simulator for the real thing. Much fun. Oh, my little copter I bought off Groupon is great as well, it’s an indoor one and is great for scaring the dog.

Wine time.

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