Back rub and a blowy

Today was very much the same type of stuff, debugging a renderer. It wouldn’t be see bad if it wasn’t an ultra complex deferred renderer. Still, the more hours I spend on it, the more of it works, so can’t complain.

Briefly walked the dogs. I did it individually, as I feel Sasha has the right to feel slightly pissed off, when she walks nicely and Dillon pulls like a tractor. They did have fun in the morning though, it was raining and they both spent ages playing in the mud. They then came in covered in it, but with the look of, “We’ve been nowhere near it”.

Work was very busy, its been a very long week work wise, and mentally very hard going. Still, progress has been made.

Picked up Megan from the station. Jamie came home on time, so we packed up and drove to Alton Towers. Checked in to the “Splash Landings” hotel. Ate at the buffet restaurant, which was far too overpriced. Had a beer at the bar and now in bed. When we got here, there was a birthday cake and beer. Jamie is now insisting on a back massage and a blow job….well it is his birthday.

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