Now looking at expensive aviation headsets, it’s addictive

Work wise was a bit odd today, I was at a bit of a loose end waiting on a few bits from 3rd parties and internal. Ended up adding some debug triangle render code for one of our guys, he now wants to bear my children. It wasn’t a complicated job, just a hell of a lot of it, as it involves writing individual render code for DX9/DX11/PS3/360 and everything else. Still took the whole day plus a bit, but he was very grateful.

Skipped lunch as I wanted to plough on. Sasha isn’t happy at the moment anyway as she’s lost a claw, she has a very sore paw. So rather than walking we had a bit of a tug match in the garden so she didn’t have to move around a lot but still burnt off some energy. Jamie will take them both for a short disappointing walk later.

Not sure if I’m going to work the bank holiday or not yet, it’s tempting to work it so I can save the time up for more helicopter lessons.

I’ve paid the artist for the arcade cabinet design. It better be bloody good.

I’ve been looking at expensive headsets for the chopper, the basic ones I’ve been using don’t give much sound isolation. I’m not deaf but can’t hear as well as I’d like, talking to air traffic could be problematic. There’s an aviation shop at the airport so I may pop in there and try some out for comfort.

Wine time. Not sure what the weathers up to the weekend. Oh Saturday looks shit, but Sunday and Monday look okay, so make take it off after all. Will make a decision later in the weekend.

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