From moist chicken to toothache

So yesterday started how a weekend should, in bed. I let the dogs out, Jamie went to work. We then all had breakfast, the dogs went outside to play. I didn’t have a great deal planned. Anyway, got up and then took the dogs out for a nice long walk, there was no sign of Sasha limping so I think her paw must be better. Came back and had lunch. Then I ventured out to Tesco’s, long time since I’ve been there. Picked up a couple of bottles of wine and a paper. Went to the pet store and stocked up on trotters.

Then I drove down to Cotham and parked up. Walked down into town, went to the m-shed and clocked up a couple of gromit’s then went to the centre and picked up a couple more. Walked back to the car and drove home. Did the accounts. Bought my helicopter study books, a dvd and an R22 student guide. That should be all the books and study stuff I need.

Then picked up by Shaun. We went over to Sarah’s for dinner. She spent the bulk of the evening with her fingers in a bowl of water, this wasn’t some kind of political statement, she burnt them on a pan. The boys joined us for dinner. They are at a good age now, where you can have a good laugh with them without having to keep your guard permanently up. The meal I must admit was far above expectations, we weren’t expecting such excellent cuisine, the chicken was beautifully moist, if slightly under seasoned. The carrots were beautifully erect. Much wine was drunk, much shit was talked. We got a taxi home and I went of to bed, fairly merry but feeling fine.

I woke up at about 7am, needing a drink, water that is. I turned over to find my sleeping partner was a small white husky. I wondered down stairs to find Jamie asleep on the couch fully clothed. Sasha was keeping an eye on him, sleeping behind the couch. He said he had a headache, no problem I wasn’t expecting sex. He came up to bed.

When we eventually woke up he announced he had toothache. I then had to research dentists, which is great on a bank holiday. In the end we ended up dialling 111 and then after 50 questions got through to a dentist. So ended up taking him to some grotty dentist in Easton where they drilled out tons of decay and whacked a temporary filling in it. He is fairly silly for not seeing a dentist for about a decade. We then went up to Jamie’s dads for a BBQ. I wasn’t really in the mood, it was full of screaming kids. In one small point of amusement the talk got round to our new dog, I showed grandad a picture of a gromit and said that was it, he asked how old it was. I had some cold meat and then we fucked off. Came back home and then went out for a run. Had a bath and now sat down watching the F1. Looking into model helicopters.

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