Nope, can’t remember all the moves on ‘Dragon’s Lair’

I don’t think that I ever thought when I was 13 I would have a fully working ‘Dragon’s Lair’ machine at home. Okay, it’s an emulator, but that does mean it has the advantage that it doesn’t breakdown every ten minutes with a laserdisc player failure. It uses the original roms and plays the original images, it’s 100% accurate. Let’s not get on to ‘Space Harrier’, which I’ve now completed twice. There are another 4,000 odd games on the machine that I’ve yet to look at. Need to master ‘Dragon’s Lair’ again first though, it’s been 28 years, I’m a little rusty.

Not much else exciting happened today, lots of code testing, which has all gone horribly wrong, but hopefully all fixable after enough coffee.

Went to the gym and did Spin.

Attempted to get Jamie a PS4 from Tesco’s and failed.

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