So what do you do just before going on holiday? Ah yes, hoovering.

So this morning started with Jamie going to work, Dillon taking his place on the bed and Sasha snoring. I got everyone up and made breakfast. After cruising porn it was time to take them for a walk, so we went to the field. Came back and then went to Tesco’s to pick up some Euro and Lira. God knows what they take at the moment they are never quite sure.

Then it was time to pack the dogs off to the kennels, they seemed reasonably happy, although Sasha was jumping eight foot in the air and then landing on top of Dillon. When I left Dillon was explaining to a dog stood outside his kennel that he was either planning on eating him or shagging him, not sure, but a lot of barking. They will be fine.

Walked into town, picked up some new flip-flops and a couple of t-shirts, so I can have something without dog hair on it. Came back, did the accounts, sowed buttons on Jamie fat bastards trousers and started packing. I have three t-shirts and two pairs of shorts. Jamie is now sorting through all his shoes and ‘formal wear’, bloody poof.

I spent the early evening hovering and washing the floor. I thought it would be nice to come back to a dog hair free zone rather than a shit hole, even if it is for only one day.

Early start tomorrow. Next entry will be from Turkey.

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