I’m sure Conor Maynard is stalking me

Today I was working on collision, which isn’t the most exciting task in the world. Mind you I made a pretty good job of it as it’s almost finished and I scheduled a week for it.

Went for a run. It’s fucking cold. Ordered some more paint stripper. Is it odd that I’ve ordered 40Kg of paint stripper and 40Kg of dog food. Lets not get them mixed up, mind you sticking the dog’s Cherios to the wall would be quite a challenge.

Did some more Japanese lessons. They replied pretty quickly to an email I sent them to say that the words in the video didn’t match up to the words in the word list. They even corrected it. Now I suppose they can justify their £120 or what ever it is for the course. Mind you I feel I know considerably more about that language now than I ever did before, especially things like particles, which just don’t really exist in English.

Almost finished the Shiraz, added the first part of the finings, need to add the second part tomorrow and then it’ll be ready to bottle in a couple of days.

Watched a lot of crap telly. Last thing I watched was Graham Norton, who had Conor Maynard on. This kid seems to be haunting me in every form of media I switch on. I’m sure the talentless little shit lives in Radio One, every Saturday morning the chirpy little fuck is there. Sure thing though, in a couple of years he’ll be playing Butlins next to Chesney Hawkes and Dollar. David ‘burger’ Van Day….I really must go along to one of those one day.

Anyway, more collision type fun tomorrow, after Sasha goes to day care.

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