Five more Gromits found

Today it rained and was rather miserable. I’ve felt pretty tired all day so didn’t get up until quite late. Walked the dogs, probably wasn’t as exciting as they’d like but it was pissing down.

Had some lunch. Then started out on the Gromit trail again. Oddly I programmed in the wrong road on the sat-nav, so the one I was going for I was nowhere near. Ended up quite close to another one though. Drove round five in the end, where it continued to constantly rain. Picked up some crickets and a paper. Also ended up by Machine Mart, so popped in and picked up a new hose for the compressor. Visited mother.

Came back and fell asleep with Jamie. Actually fell asleep with Jamie and two dogs, who actually make pretty comfortable cushions.

Did the accounts. Paid the balance on the holiday and printed out the vouchers, so that’s all down.

Jamie is cooking tonight. This could be interesting. Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow, or it may be time to do more work on the dining room.

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