“Can you cum on my face?”, “Do you mind if I have breakfast first?”

So woke up this morning having survived Jamie’s cooking with no ill effects. Mind you Dillon threw up on the floor, but he didn’t have any of it. Jamie was getting rather amorous but managed to get him out of bed long enough to let the dogs out. It then took further persuasion before I got my breakfast. Then I thought we were going for a full bumming session but instead was requested to cum on his face. Whatever, saves a lot of buggering around with lubricant (if I’m feeling nice). Fapping away is all well and good except when one of the dogs is starring at you, now I have trouble maintaining an erection just looking at Jamie, but when you have a dog with a massive head nicely sat by the side of the bed giving you evils, it does kind of put you off your stroke. Sasha has learnt how to cope with all this quite well, she dives under the bed, sticks her iPod on and listens to J.S.Bark. Dillon will learn, meanwhile much toilet paper was used clearing up the sticky mess.

I got up and cleared up the garden of dog shit. I then had two boiled eggs. Jamie was milking cleaning up the kitchen, which means most of it will need doing again anyway. I cleaned the spare bathroom and shampoo’d the vomit on Jamie’s carpet. I then dived out with my GPS and after a good start it all went a bit tits up, I walked for miles and only managed five. Came back and picked up the petrol cans. Popped over to Tesco’s and bought 85 litres. Bath time.

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