And now for the next Christmas dinner

So we started off today in bed watching ‘Splash’ which is this new ITV show thing about Z list celebrities learning to dive. The good thing it has Tom Daley with speedo’s on. The bad it’s far too long and just a little bit shite.

We then had to go out and get Christmas presents for Jamie’s Dad and Grandad as it was time for the next Christmas dinner. So off we went to Cribb’s and got various booze related gifts and a photo hastily printed off at Asda. Got back home just in time to let the dog out for a piss and go out again.

It was okay I guess, even if the conversation was somewhat laboured at times. It’s quite difficult to hold a conversation with someone you have nothing at all in common with, you only see about once a year and don’t really care too much about what they are doing anyway. Always nice to see Jim though (Jamie’s grandad), have a lot of time for him, very interesting and amusing bloke, especially after he’s had a few.

So came back from there and stuck all the Christmas stuff back into the loft. That’s finally all that over for another year. Then did the accounts. I was hoping to do my wine kit, but if all goes according to plan with gym/running/dog walking that should be a job for Tuesday evening.

Still, guess what time it is…I’ll pour the wine.

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