So the secret was gag

So started off finishing that damn mp4 library and finally finished it. Tidied up a couple of other bits then will hopefully move on to IMA4, which is yet another bloody file format.

Went to take the dog out and it pissed down before we got to the end of the street, so that delayed I had a salad sandwich instead. Did a bit more work then the dog finally got her walk in bright sunshine, so was worth the wait.

Did a home check for Hollyhedge for two kittens, then went to the gym and ran, not so long tonight I couldn’t really be arsed.

So came back to this boot problem. Earlier I did flash the bios to the latest but that made no difference. I tried fdisk and installing a new MBR (master boot record), but that failed. So out with the ‘ultimate boot CD’. Installed ‘gag’ boot manager in about 3 minutes and then it magically all booted without any of this PXE network crap. So shut it down and fired it up using WOL and it all booted fine. So that’s the end of that problem.

Then just as I was about to have dinner before midnight Jamie started moaning about wireless performance again. So I ended up digging out an old Wireless-N Netgear router and setting it up as an access point. To me the throughput is slower, but it does seem to be more reliable. I’ll upgrade the firmware on it and see how it compares. It is on a dedicated NIC. One thing that amuses me is that it’s a 300Mbps router yet only has 100Mbps network ports. I have enough routers to start my own shop, so should be able to find one that works reasonably well.

Finally got my salad.

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