freeBSD PXE wake on lan, arse

Ok, so I spent the bulk of the day stripping crap out of that MP4 file lib again. Fixed up a couple of mobile issues.

Walked dog, went to gym, ran lots.

So, back to UPS plan, set up a remote client, enabled in firewall, installed NUT on pfSense box and set it up to connect to server. Surprisingly worked first time. Next task was the wake on lan, installed etherwake, a few bios twiddles and boom, powered up the machine. So I thought I was home and dry, except it was sat on the boot screen, trying to boot from the bloody network. I thought this was a problem with the Intel NIC cards that have PXE boot built in, so installed some Intel prog on a USB stick and disabled the flash on the Intel NIC’s. Then it still tried to boot from PXE. Turns out that this appears to be part of the freeBSD loader. So it now looks like I need to replace the loader. Oh the joyous fun. One step closer, three steps back.

On to bowel news, things returning to normal, only about three times today. So hopefully crack the boot problem tomorrow….

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