So all I have to look forward to is a banana

Started vaguely on time, although it was fairly slow progress until lunch, then I kind of accelerated afterwards and got about two days work done in an afternoon. You really do need to be in the mood with this job. So today was finishing off the audio lib. Added defaults to initialisation, added all the new codecs to the sound bank tool and created a new tool for doing audio conversion plus a request from Al. So that’s it, I can’t think of any more to add to it, just the documentation (dull bit) to do. We’ve had the play through comments come through on the mobile game, but we can’t work on that at the moment for various reasons.

Went to gym, did combat. Came back and worked on a rather interesting network problem. We have a console site that can only be accessed from a certain ip range, problem is everyone has dynamic ip’s. So I’m trying to work out how to get main pc to route packets via the vpn. It’s slow going, but as I say quite interesting.

So had my salad, no cheese, drank tea, no cheese, no wine, no cheese. Will be taking pills tonight to cleanse my colon. So the only other thing I have now is a banana and more tea. No cheese.

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