My ass is a temple. Just because you look like Buddha doesn’t mean you can enter it

Started the day off somewhat slowly and watched plenty of items on iPlayer. Finally got up and had lunch. Jamie was working today. Took the dog out, she was being a pain in the ass so that was fairly short.

Came back and finally looked at the heating timer, it is indeed fucked, the heating terminal is permanently live no matter what the switch is set to. A nice job for Christmas.

Finally got round to wrapping everything up. Didn’t make a particularly good job of it, mind you I didn’t exactly put much effort into it either. So that’s all done. Did some hoovering and a little bit of cleaning ad no cleaners this week. Looked at heating timers, think I’ll go for the Horstmann one, it’s a bit more expensive but I already have a Horstmann thermostat that I have been taking house to house and that’s always worked flawlessly. So pick that up tomorrow and probably wander into town as well. No gym, as it’s closing early, tut. Bath and wine time I think.

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