Don’t worry dear I’m sure it just shrunk in the wash

Started this morning with Jamie trying to find something green to wear. He asked to borrow something of mine, except mine is all size small. He then squeezed into something red, to which I said “Don’t worry dear I’m sure it just shrunk in the wash”.

Watched several things on iPlayer as it was hammering down with rain. When it reduced to a drizzle I took the dog out. Then ventured into Tesco’s and did the shopping. The shop itself wasn’t too busy but the car park was fairly rammed.

Had lunch. Then decided to pick up some sand for the lizards. This is for their tanks, not some kind of play pit. So got that, then ventured into Maplin, where I bought various tat. Parked up on Whiteladies Road, paid a fortune on parking then decided it really was far too wet to be going anywhere, so bought a tin of chopped tomatoes and went back to the car. Drove to mothers, picked up my Christmas cake, and very nice it is too.

Came back, attempted to fix a toy fruit machine, failed, put said machine in bin. Did the accounts. Cried over being paid money I was owed, well didn’t cry over that bit, just the two grand of tax. What the lord give ‘uth the tax man take ‘uth away.

I’m now going to empty the dish washer, let the dog out for a piss then take a bath. Tonight once again I’m making a curry. And no it’s not bloody Turkey curry. Tomorrow I look at the heating timer, I can hardly contain the excitement.

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