I’m trying to start an ageing lawn mower

So the day started off late. To say the least. I missed breakfast completely. Which means I missed my serious amounts of coffee which is never a good sign. I did manage to get on the phone and book the Italian restaurant for this evening though which turned out to be a very good move.

Jamie asked I I slept okay, to which I relied yes as sleeping in a single bed I always sleep with no problem. This then led him to join me on my bed. This then led to him trying to kickstart this old fart into some kind of orgasm. I wish at this point there was some kind f lubrication as the only fire that was about to take hold was from the friction and the sheets were about to catch on fire. He was trying to bring me to orgasm, not trying to start a Victorian lawn mower.

Anyway, after these shinnanagans we got up and made it to the pool bar. I had my three coffees so was almost coherent. We then found a spot that was pretty much in the shade and settled down for ten minutes before I decided it was dinner time.

We went to ne Italian, where I had pizza, I wasn’t even a Friday. It was actually very good. We returned to our secluded spot where I failed to top up my tan. But I did have a superb IRS of some very well toned German boys. If I poked myself in the left ear every time I leared at them, my right ear would be suffering from a perferated ear drum. We stayed here for the rest of the afternoon.

We then returned to the room. Consumed some warm beer. I had a bath. We then basically lazed around for three hours until we returned to the Italian for what turned out to actually be a really nice meal. Then afterwards went to the pool bar, where after a quick thumbs up to the bar man our drinks arrived with no further interaction. I like this. Now after some Internet updates, it’s time for some angry birds.

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