And this is Boxing Day

So today started in the afternoon. Not because of any ill effects of the night before, I felt all fine and dandy, but just because we couldn’t be arsed to get up and the only thing we had planned was to go over to the mother-in-law’s anyway, and I wasn’t in a major hurry to do that. So we stayed in bed and watched the Christmas ‘Doctor Who’ episode, which wasn’t too bad this year, if a little random in places.

We did eventually get up and then pack the dog off into the car and drove, well almost sailed there was so much standing water, to Weston. The dog then proceeded to be mainly a pain in the ass for the next couple of hours. I had wine related gifts, Jamie had plenty of tat and the dog got a bone. We left after demolishing all the food.

Got home, tidied up. Red instructions for wine making kit again, looks like I have to buy lots of things and then buy more things that’s aren’t in the kit. Still, got to start somewhere. So Jamie has used all the hot water, so need to wait for that to recharge before I can have a bath. So tomorrow then it’s looking at the mid position valve and then may be some wine making. Mother is coming over for a curry in the evening, I’ve booked a car for her.

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