Where there’s a will there’s probably a way

So I’ve been trying to update my will. Should be straightforward. It isn’t. First off I refuse to pay for it. If I’m going to make a large donation to a charity then they can pay for it, call it ‘pay it forward’ if you like. So I’ve been trying through Battersea Dogs Home, so far they have put me in touch with a company that called me back eventually and told me to ignore all the website warnings and use the online form. I did this to the point where the form was not able to apply my wishes. Send an email, get an email back asking what additional ‘features’ I require, replied. Got an email back stating how much it would cost. Emailed back and said ‘Battersea will cover the cost of a phone will’. Got an email back saying ‘oh yes they will’, please book an appointment on this link…. it was the same link I started with. Joy.

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