Ebay my life

So as retirement draws ever closer (1825 days according to one spreadsheet) I need to sort some shit out. Over the years I’ve expanded from one bedroom into a four bedroomed house. I have basically tons of crap everywhere. With the plan to go to warmer climes at retirement there is no way I can transport everything. Basically I would have a twenty foot container to pack my life into.

So I’ve started to sell things, starting with the rubbish first. I’ve got rid of a broken logic board for an Mac Air, a broken Fitbit watch and a skipping rope. I’m certainly not going to get rich by selling some of this stuff, but there are a few gems up for grabs. There’s a lot of vintage computer gear and a ‘mid school’ BMX in the garage that’s been ridden about twice (it’s far too heavy). So when I come back from my next voyage I’m going to start regular clear outs and auctions / sales. If I start now there will be less of a panic down the line, and considerably less crap in my life.

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