Blog at 30,000 ft

Well this is the first blog entry from 32,000 feet, plus I’ve had half a bottle of Chenin Blanc. So last night was a bit weird, I was absolutely freezing, so called I at day (night) at 10PM and crawled into bed with half a bottle of Pinot and some Ryvitas. Finished watching episode of ‘Sex education’ and then it was lights out. According to the sleep app tracking I managed just under five hours sleep, which considering the anticipation wasn’t too bad. I was fully awake at just gone 3AM and lay in bed, well alternating between laying in bed and going for a pee. Finally the first alarm went off at 5:45, I managed to resist getting up until just before six. Usual round of coffee and cereal, followed by the inevitable bowel movement. It was heavy rain all last night and it continued this morning. I left just after 6:30AM. Was at the airport at 7:15 and into security. They decided that somebody with two phones a tablet and two watches, plus numerous batteries and two watches was somewhat suspect, plus the addition of a pad lock. So they had a good rummage before they sent me on my way. I must of timed it pretty well as I just had time for a quick half and a little wonder before it was boarding time. I’m now on the plane.

So the plan is to meet up with Pete and have a good time. One thing I know for sure is this four days off not drinking thing really isn’t working. My sleep pattern is hell and I’m just binging on the days that I do drink. So will have to think about an alternative arrangement. 

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