Back wax lyrical

So this morning I had my back waxed by Sharlene. Yes it’s vane. I really don’t care. I just don’t like a hairy back, plus I can’t reach it and I’ve known Sharlene for years. I shave everything else myself. Plus I only do it if I’m going somewhere where I’ll be on a sun bed.

It rained a lot. The weather in this country is really pissing me off. I’ll miss the dogs, I won’t miss the rain. Still, managed to walk everyone and myself. Still haven’t reached my weight goal.

Sat down this evening and removed the private keys out of my courier .pem’s. These have always annoyed me as it makes the private key readable. So removed the privated key, put it in it’s own key file and made it only readable by the courier user, updated the config and restarted the service. After a couple of cockups mail reading was working again. I moved them to the certs folder, I’m happier now, I’ll need to update the doc.

Also logged into the SFTP server and downloaded last nights backup, decrypted it with my private key and then tested the integrity of the tar file, all good.

My new hat arrived. I like it. Feel like I need matching shoes.

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