One last show

So now I’m sat listening to Scott Mills and Chris Stark’s last show. Scott has been on Radio One for the past twenty-four years and with Chris for the at least the last ten. I must admit I haven’t listened for the past few years, nothing to do with the show, more to do with the playlist, it’s certainly not me.

Scott is moving to Radio Two (God’s waiting room for presenters), Chris is off to some commercial station. Never again will we have ‘innuendo bingo’, with talk of thick beef curtains. Never again will we have ‘Scott Mills the musical’.

Scott is one year younger than me, I’ve basically spent the best part of my working life listening to him, we’ve kind of grown up together weirdly. I will listen in on Radio Two when he moves there (Replacing Steve Wright), but the chemistry will be different.

It’s been a few years of familiar shows moving on. First it was ‘The organist entertains’ and ‘Listen to the band’. The former is now available as a sort of podcast, the latter is as well if you want to pay for it. Then just last week it was Paul O’Grady after fourteen years.

I’ve enjoyed listening to the last few shows this week, there have been a lot of ‘lol’s’. Especially when I was just out walking the dog, I was peeing myself through the commercial estate. It’s brought back a lot of fun memories of times past.

But times move on, we all age, our tastes change, we can’t stay young forever, no matter how much we try, or want to. You can’t stay a Radio One deejay forever, it is after all a station for fifteen to twenty-four year old’s, being forty-nine, it’s time to go.

And one other thing about Scott, he’s gay, but not once has ever flaunted it, not once. He is a fantastic role model and went on to prove an important thing, you can be a gay man and have great relationships with straight men.

It’s now coming into the last half hour of the show, there is a bit of a tear in my eye (I don’t think it’s a hundredth of what’s in theirs.) And he’s just played Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas is you’, after all, it’s only four months to go.

And Chris Stark’s song choice, perfect, ‘The Streets’, ‘Dry your eyes’.

Scott’s choice, ‘Christina Aguilera’, ‘Beautiful’.

The final song? Something came to me this morning, I’m not a gambling man, but if I was going to put fifty quid on a track it would be, ‘Green Day’, ‘Time of your life’.

Would I have won the money?


It was ‘One direction’, ‘Night changes’.

Love you, bye.

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