System reset

I guess I’m now in a very unique position. I’m able to restart my life from a financially stable point of view and do anything I want. Did I really want this? Well, actually no. It’s been kind of forced upon me, but it is what it is.

The last two and a half years have been pretty much hell, from the depths or depression, to sudden moments of complete euphoria. From constantly wanting to die and the next moment wanting to live. But now, it’s all over. One person who was part of my life for near enough fourteen years I never have to speak to again, it’s all in the past tense. And now there is only the future.

So what have I learnt in the past twelve months? Well, I’m still sexually attractive to twinks, they like to call me daddy, I have no problem with that. I’m creative, no really I am, I started out the year wanting to make just one tune, by the end of the year I actually managed ten. I’ve now started collaborating with my nephew on some new material. I helped my friend achieve her goal of walking twenty-six miles.

So what do I want to achieve this year? Well, more music that’s for sure, wether it’s solo or collaborative I don’t really know, other than I want to write more tunes. I want to build an ‘exit strategy’, not for ending life, but for ending work. I want to retire and do something I want to do. I want to kick off my mixing and mastering services, as I can see this as a job I want to retire into.

I want to drink less. Actually, to be correct, I want to drink less often. Also I need to catch up on a ton of magazines I haven’t read, so hopefully I can combine these two goals.

Relationships? Nah, I think I’m done on that one for the time being. I’m going to remove myself from all the dating sites. If something happens elsewhere, then it happens, but I’m not going hunting in the near future.

I think I have to set myself a couple of physical goals as well. So learn how to do an ollie and pull off a manual. If I manage that without breaking anything, then that indeed will be a minor miracle.

Also I need to update this server to a more modern version of Ubuntu. After all, this was how this was al started.

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