When to retire

Started this morning with a bit of a headache, but if you drank one and a half bottles of wine the night before it is to be somewhat expected. Rebooted the system with a black coffee and breakfast. Walked to Combat. Did that, didn’t appreciate the floor stuff as I had to look down and it made me feel dizzy. Walked home and then took Sasha out for an hour. Picked up the dog poo, had a light lunch and then spent the next four hours walking. I was planning on six, but after two hours decided that I wasn’t going to get anywhere exciting in another hour, so cut my losses. Came back and bottled the last batch of wine. Did the accounts. Skipped my bath as time was getting on. Cooked an absolutely lovely meal, recipe came from Jamie, it was a salmon dish, turned out really well. Spent most of the walk contemplating retirement, well not the actual act but when it is possible. Always wanted to retire when I was forty, failed that, I’m going to fail at forty five. It doesn’t look great at fifty, so now heading to fifty-five. the problem is though, you have to consider how long you are going to live for. I’ve decided that I’m not going to get past eighty. Or if I indeed get to that stage I’m just going to be jabbering in a corner peeing myself, so money isn’t really going to be a factor. Holidays in Florida and helicopters will not come into it, being able to get to the toilet without shitting myself will. I’ll aim for fifty-five,that gives me ten more years of work and twenty five years of pissing about, before I piss myself. Life goals.

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