Well I got as far as the travel insurance

Work was fine I guess. Trying to work on something but many interruptions. But at the end of the day I did stumble on an outstanding bug that’s been there for years, even fixed it, well left instructions to fix it I had to go to Pump. Walked Sasha, it didn’t rain for once. Did Pump as I said. Did more work, need to get out of that habit again but we do have a very important deadline coming up, so I’ll let it go for the moment. Sat down and cruised travel insurance, then bought some. Settled on our Ibiza hotel. Now when I book a hotel room, a part sea view will not do. Now here’s an odd thing, apart from really old family holidays probably almost thirty years ago now I’m not sure my sister and I have ever actually done anything together apart from Monday night Combat and a trip to Lucknam Park. I’m trying to think, but I really have no recollection of us ever doing anything together, as in just the two of us. Odd that, after forty-five years. So this will be the first time, and also probably the last. We are both accelerating towards death, so yes, I think she’ll like the room.

On a completely unrelated note, if you get the chance, watch, ‘Dawn French – 30 Million Minutes’. It’s a bit of a slow starter but has some golden moments. Especially the bit where she’s describing trying to get a piece of glass out of her mothers muff.

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