Thirty days of sobriety

So did the whole of February without drinking at all, even added a couple of extra days. It’s certainly easier these days due to very decent alcohol free lager and even a sparkling Chenin Blanc which was quite nice. So after all that it’s back on a diet getting my beach body together for Ibiza. I have a very effective diet plan that’s based on fitness trackers and food intake, it’s frighteningly accurate. I’ve lost four pounds.

Been decorating the bedroom, it’s mostly painted now, probably about four Sundays to go on that one.

Had a fun email from mother. She was apparently pissing around on YouTube and found my video of ’99 anecdotes and the bitch is in all of them’. She complained about being called a bitch, obviously never heard of the song….. Did she actually apologise for tormenting her son by making him wear girls socks? Did she fuck, she complained that I got the song wrong and I should get my facts straight. I think I’ll film another one called ‘bitch in a box’. And it’s not fucking ‘utube’. Haven’t actually thought about her at all for a couple of weeks, suddenly my life is so much better.

Work is oddly okay at the moment, some pressure has been removed from me and I’m getting on with stuff, I haven’t wanted to kill anybody for almost a week now.

I’ve done the first transfer on the Viognier and the Pinot is almost ready to stabilise, so that’s another sixty bottles in a couple of weeks.

Jamie and I are wondering about going away for our anniversary, not sure we can get any time off though. Maybe we’ll go away over Easter instead.

The other thought was to hold Jamie’s thirtieth in Turkey in September. Everyone’s invited (family that is, no weirdos), you just have to get there yourself and pay for the hotel in Antalya, which of course we never actually leave. I’ll even pay for a meal there for everyone.

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