Don’t worry it’s not a space alien

So we were on the plane to LAX, but it suddenly got diverted to India. That was fine as both Jamie and I were given jobs at an office in the airport. Jamie was getting stuck into his the other side of a glass partition. I was getting very frustrated as I kept doing typing errors but instead of being able to delete them lots of Indian text kept appearing. Anyway a chap turned up and said I just had to highlight it all with ‘q’ and then delete it with ‘p’. We then went out to lunch. Neither of our phones could pick up a signal so no one knew where we were. We went to get back into the airport but were stopped by security, they were chucking everyone out. They were shouting that a space alien had got through immigration. We could see it in the corner of the ceiling. I sent Dillon up to check it out. He said it wasn’t a space alien but some sort of bear.

I’ll take some more of those sleeping pills tonight, haven’t had that vivid a dream since I was tossing off Keith Lemon and the Saturdays.

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