You’ve picked the wrong person to piss off

Saturday mainly consisted of the brother-in-law and I almost crying with laughter fitting a shower at mothers place. We got the tray own eventually on a bed of concrete. Tiling is being an ass. Last night we had a BBQ at Lisa’s where the main topic of conversation was Tesco’s. Today I picked up some waste pipe and tile adhesive and headed over to mothers. Apparently the neighbour had been over mulling over property deeds. I phoned him. Apparently he didn’t want us wasting money at putting a gate up if we had to move it again. I said we had no intention of moving it. He then phoned again later, I explained that if he wanted to pursue this line of attack that severe costs would be involved and I would claim all of them back against him, he was quite taken aback by this. I then said his timing was perhaps somewhat inappropriate and that he should be more considerate. He said it was not his intention to annoy me, I said that’s actually what he had done so I was going to terminate the call with immediate effect, I hung up. He called several hours later to apologise and say that the most important thing was that my mother gets better. I’ve now blocked him, he’s on the back-foot and gone all defensive, that’s exactly where I want him.

One false move and I will absolutely destroy him.

I will even take pleasure in doing so.

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