Yes I spent five hour walking round a field catching Charmanders

Started this morning with breakfast and coffee. Read the paper. Then took Sasha out for a reasonable walk. Had a quick lunch, there was a little shower of rain but not much more. Then I headed out to Downend again. Parked in the park and set off. Caught a few Charmanders then started fallowing a chap around who seemed to know all the spawn locations. We got chatting, he was a bit odd, but confessed he’d lost over a stone by walking round, so full congratulations to him. He needed another six but had to head off to a wedding. We also met up with a uni student (he was quite cute), and together we worked as a team, covering about five square miles between us, waving at each other when a new one appeared. We also met up with some ‘lads’ later in the day, people I’d probably normally avoid. Nice as pie. One was huge, he could have taken me and uni guy out with one swing of his buttock. We all got chatting, all about Pokemon. No one felt uneasy, no one felt threatened, everything was just fine. We were all standing around holding hundreds of pounds of technology, we were joined by a couple of young kids, multiple generations of people, all very ordinary, all getting on ‘just fine’, through the mutual love of a very simple game. If it’s done nothing else at all, it’s brought a very odd combination of people together. So Nintic, if you’ve done nothing else, congratulations on making the world a slightly better place.

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