Will I miss you when you’re gone? Probably not

I’m not going to talk about work, lets just say it was awful to a point. I was being hit over the head with a mallet again, there is only so many times you can do this before I won’t get back up again, I’m not a cartoon character. I cured one bug and did some profiling, still managed a ten hour day. And what a beautiful day it was to. Took Sasha out lunchtime, but it was very hot. Popped out for a little bit this evening and it was much more pleasant. Mother keeps sending me text messages, it’s her new form of annoyance. I couldn’t give a shit you’ve paid nineteen pounds into my account, I’d just like the other three hundred as well. Then I get another one, ‘I want to get my car back on the road before I pull my hair out. It will save cutting it.’ Multiple digs in that one. Sometimes I wished I lived far far away. I look forward to how she’s going to pay for the battery and tyre. I would pay for it and some people would say I should, but over the years she’s made very little effort to pay anyone, including credit card companies. She has a house full of assets, about time she started to get rid of some.

One thought on “Will I miss you when you’re gone? Probably not

  1. Yes I wish I lived far away too so I wouldn’t get it all first hand and be expected to do everything for her! She got pissy because I’ve not been able to go and get her shopping as I’ve been without a car for over a week and not able to go this week due to work commitments and family stuff. You get all the text messages after I get an ear bashing.

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