While you wait servicing, if you wait five hours

Started this morning and switched on the machine, first thought I had was ‘I don’t want to be here anymore’, so sent a few emails to contacts, my inbox was flooded in about ten minutes, so maybe soon I’ll be doing something else. I had to leave midday anyway to take the car for a service and MOT. I also had to visit somewhere else during this period but I’m not going into that at the moment. Dropped car off at 12:30, car was ready just before 5PM. Then they tried to charge me a hundred and fifty quid too much. After I produced the original booking email they produced a new invoice. They always do a good job even if their front of house is a bit crap. Was disappointed to find out they will be taken over by ‘Drive’, so will have to find somewhere else as they are a bunch of useless twats. Drove home. Then went back to work, apart from a quick trip out to get some crickets I worked quite late and only ended up losing about half an hour on a normal day. Felt better at the end of it, but I think it’s time to look at other opportunities, there’s only so much moaning from artists I can put up with.

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