Where the hell did that weekend go?

All a bit of a blur really. Had a hell of a sleepless night worrying about wind. Woke up thinking that the forecasts were all wrong and the wind speed would have dropped. But indeed the opposite had happened. Spoke to James and we arranged to go out together and he would come out with me if it was gusty. Drove to Staverton and boy was it windy. Went out with him for twenty minutes and did some pickup and set-down practice. Picked up my very nervous passengers and off we went towards the Severn bridge. Crossed it and found the magic field with, ‘Marry me?’ written in Hungarian. Passed over it twice and then flew back up the M5 to Staverton. A great success. Jamie got a new position at work, so we went to the Swan to celebrate. I had Pigeon. It was interesting.

Today was a bit lazy. Fixed the fence. Walked the dog. Watched the fireworks and had a bath. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind weekend to be honest.

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