Victoria Wood – she’ll be pissed off she’s only had a few weeks break from Paul Daniels

Work was fairly dull. Couldn’t get what I was trying to get to work so moved on to some stress testing, at least that all went according to plan. Tonights title by the way was going to be ‘My gutters got cleared by a pole in more ways than one’. Gutter man arrived, he was fairly rotund and how the hell he didn’t crack the guttering getting his fat arse up the ladder I will never know. Still, he had a nice day for it. He really did fill up one of those big plastic buckets with what was basically earth, so hopefully gutters will now work again. Walked Sasha quickly as I had a conference call at a certain time. Didn’t go to Pump this evening as the weather was too nice, so went for a walk instead. Plus my leg is still bad.

Then heard the news that Victoria Wood had passed after a short battle with cancer, she was only sixty-two. She’ll be well pissed off that she only had a break from Paul Daniels for a few weeks and now she’s stuck with him for eternity. 2016 seems to be the year of celebrity deaths, it’s getting a whole lot funnier up there.

She was the only comedian I ever paid to see and twice at that (no, you’re wrong before you say it, Jasper Carrot I never paid for).

Last week we had four candles and now this week we have two soups. RIP Victoria, you will be greatly missed.

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