Trying to do with DirectX what David Cameron does with his tax returns

So started a little bit earlier and cracked on. Had a pretty fun day today, first with trying to figure out the best way to get a CPU fence running on DX11. It seemed to be a bit driver dependent on if it worked or not. As it happened I didn’t really need it anyway. Then spent the rest of the day trying to convince the driver to do what I wanted it to do and not what I wanted. It was very much like David Cameron’s tax return, there was nothing technically illegal but wasn’t really in the spirit of the rules. I will get it to work how I want, just needs a bit more twiddling. New bike arrived, in a shipping container, ‘some self assembly required’, I may as well buy that steel company cheap and make it from the component parts. I’m sure it’ll just need the pedals and bars attaching…and probably the wheels, brakes, okay, everything. Walked to the gym, did Pump, my leg is feeling better this evening, but I couldn’t get my sock on again this morning. I now have pains elsewhere so I think I’ve screwed over a whole set of muscles or I’m about to explode.

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