Time to just do it my self, so I did

Today was a bit weird on the work front. In one fowl swoop I saved half the total vertex and index mesh buffer memory. So was quite pleased with that. Jamie was off getting his next tattoo. Walked Sasha. I contacted Ben about Friday, but no go, so may work it instead. Walked to the gym, did Pump. Came back and went through all the pension stuff again. I was trying to get hold of Re-assure to pay into that pension pot but seems more hassle than it was worth. So looked up the Standard Life pension as I have eight hundred quid in that one. It isn’t in the best of funds. I then did a bit of digging on their site, found I could actually do my own pension and pick and choose my own funds. So I found a fund which was very similar to the one financial advisor bloke was recommending, it’s 0.6% total management charges but if you invest over twenty-five grand you get a 0.3% discount. So total management fees will be 0.3% on a 70% shares portfolio. All set up online, shoved ten grand into it, hopefully that will be set up in a couple of days. I’ll then transfer the other pensions, or part of the other one anyway, into it. Updated my investment prices for the first time in years, pleased with those results as well. I need to spend the weekend putting my pensions into Microsoft Money so I can better track them.

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